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Live Support
4000 APM eFoundation (OL)

Cost: $800 USD


In this interactive eLearning course, you will learn about the Asset Performance Management Foundation tools, features, and workflows that comprise Meridium Classic and APM Unified.   Learn navigation and the Asset Hierarchy.  Learn how to utilize General Dashboards, the Catalog, Record Manager, and the Search Features.  See how to create, save and modify queries, datasets, and graphs.  Understand the other tools used to store data for evaluation purposes, and how the data can be utilized in other areas of the application.  Understand how to update General Recommendations in Meridium.  Be able to assess asset and system criticality, and understand how to create both a new asset criticality analysis and system criticality analysis.

To supplement this eLearning course, there is a related instructor-led class, which provides all the lab exercises associated with this eLearning. If you are interested in this hands-on lab, please select the link below to take you directly to the course registration page.   This instructor-led class is required for certifications.