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CIMPLICITY Fundamentals
Part # IC684TR000301C
Cost: $2,495 USD   Length: 4 Days

Course Schedule

Start Date
End DateStart DayStart TimeCourse CostStatus
Denver, CO (Wheat Ridge) (CP)7-May-201910-May-2019Tuesday8:00 AM$2,495.00 USD
Distance Learning (Automatech - Eastern Time)19-Aug-201922-Aug-2019Monday8:00 AM$2,495.00 USD
Europe GE-IP - Rugby UK12-Nov-201915-Nov-2019Tuesday9:00 AM$2,125.00 USD
Huntington Beach (LA), CA (CP)29-Oct-20191-Nov-2019Tuesday8:00 AM$2,495.00 USD
Salt Lake City (Murray), UT (CP)29-Oct-20191-Nov-2019Tuesday8:00 AM$2,495.00 USD
San Francisco (Pleasanton) (CP)16-Jul-201919-Jul-2019Tuesday8:00 AM$2,495.00 USD
San Francisco (Pleasanton) (CP)10-Sep-201913-Sep-2019Tuesday8:00 AM$2,495.00 USD
Seattle (Bellevue), WA -CB Pacific (CP)30-Apr-20193-May-2019Tuesday8:00 AM$2,495.00 USD
Course Full
Vancouver, WA -CB Pacific (CP)24-Sep-201927-Sep-2019Tuesday8:00 AM$2,495.00 USD

Course Description

The HMI-SCADA CIMPLICITY Fundamentals course is a beginning level course focussed on the multiple aspects of project configuration. Valuable hands-on lab exercises are provided which guide students through the building and modification of the HMI application.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for Operators, Application Designers, and System Managers.

Are there any prerequisites?

Participants should have a working knowledge of Windows operating systems as well as some plant floor process experience.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this Course, you should be able to:
• Create a new project;
• Configure Resources, Roles, Users, Ports and Devices;
• Configure points;
• Use the Point Control Panel;
• Create graphic screens;
• Configure Events, Procedures and Actions in screen objects;
• Use the Database Logger to create and configure logging tables;
• Create and configure trend charts using run-time and historical data;
• Configure project Alarms;
• Configure the stand-alone, ActiveX and Historical Alarm Viewers;
• Access methods of CIMPLICITY and 3rd party ActiveX controls;
• Use and modify graphics library Smart Objects;
• Make use of the various animation capabilities of CIMPLICITY;
• Use screen variables.
• Use the Navigation Configuration Editor