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iFIX Advanced
Part # 44A728312-251
Cost: $2,495 USD   Length: 4 Days

Course Schedule

Start Date
End DateStart DayStart TimeCourse CostStatus
Atlanta (Duluth), GA (CP)25-Jun-201928-Jun-2019Tuesday8:00 AM$2,495.00 USD
Charlotte, NC -AIA (CP)11-Jun-201914-Jun-2019Tuesday8:00 AM$2,495.00 USD
Distance Learning (TMMI - Mountain Time)30-Sep-20193-Oct-2019Monday8:00 AM$2,495.00 USD
Europe - Limonest, France (C&P) (CP)11-Jun-201914-Jun-2019Tuesday9:00 AM$2,125.00 USD
Europe - Limonest, France (C&P) (CP)22-Oct-201925-Oct-2019Tuesday9:00 AM$2,125.00 USD
Huntington Beach (LA), CA (CP)27-Aug-201930-Aug-2019Tuesday8:00 AM$2,495.00 USD
Phoenix (Tempe), AZ (CP)12-Nov-201915-Nov-2019Tuesday8:00 AM$2,495.00 USD
Plymouth, MA (CP)6-Aug-20199-Aug-2019Tuesday8:00 AM$2,495.00 USD
San Francisco (Pleasanton) (CP)21-May-201924-May-2019Tuesday8:00 AM$2,495.00 USD
San Francisco (Pleasanton) (CP)8-Oct-201911-Oct-2019Tuesday8:00 AM$2,495.00 USD
Seattle (Bellevue), WA -CB Pacific (CP)14-May-201917-May-2019Tuesday8:00 AM$2,495.00 USD
Vancouver, WA -CB Pacific (CP)10-Dec-201913-Dec-2019Tuesday8:00 AM$2,495.00 USD

Course Description

Course Description:  

The HMI-SCADA iFIX Advanced course is designed to pick up where the iFIX Fundamentals course ends. The course is intended to provide the student a base level of proficiency using some of the product's more advanced features. The student will become familiar with some of the tools and concepts available for optimizing and troubleshooting iFIX from GE Digital.

Who should attend?

This course is principally designed for process, automation, or instrumentation engineers and system integrators who will be developing, configuring, and using applications created with iFIX.

Are there any prerequisites?

Completion of Proficy HMI/SCADA iFIX Fundamentals course (44A728312-154) is a must! Participants should have a working knowledge of Windows operating systems. Familiarity with relational databases and VBA would be helpful, but not required.

Course Objectives:

What topics will be covered on this course?
• Understand and Implement OPC Server and Client Communication
• Go further with Database Blocks and accelerate Database Creation
• Configure Server Enhanced Failover
• Integrate iFIX with Relational Databases (RDBs) in both Workspace and the PDB
• Use VisiconX to build graphical RDB tools for users
• Integrate iFIX with Proficy Historian and create historical HMI Displays
• Extend iFIX Alarm systems to RDBs and Proficy Historian
• Master essential VBA Techniques
• Extend iFIX functionality with ActiveX and .NET
• Master Dynamo creation and maintenance
• Configure iFIX Schedules
• Implement Advanced Security methods
• Look at Thin Client Solutions such as Remote Desktop Services and iFIX Webspace