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PAC8000 Basics
Part # 8493-TR-BA
Cost: $2,400 USD

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for PAC8000 Basics.

Course Description

The 8000 Basics class is designed to give students the knowledge necessary to engineer, configure, and maintain an 8000 controller and IO system. Students will create several projects during the class, allowing them to go through the complete project development cycle multiple times during the class. This includes project configuration, tag creation, IO module configuration, control strategy development, downloading, and debugging.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for process, automation or instrumentation engineers and system integrators who will be developing, configuring and using applications with 8000 IO solutions.

Are there any prerequisites?

Participants should have a working knowledge of Windows operating systems. Participants should also have skill and experience with HMI configuration and development.

Course Objectives:

• Overview of 8000 IO;
• Controllers and IO Modules;
• 8000 IO System Architecture;
• 8000 IO Workbench;
• Tag Creation;
• Hardware Configuration;
• Strategy Builder;
• Function Blocks;
• Troubleshooting;
• HMI Database;
• HMI Wizards;
• Tuning;
• Online Changes;
• Project Management Tools;
• IEC 61131-3 Programming