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CSense Development
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CSense (DL) provides an introduction & overview of CSense for engineers.
It will provide students with knowledge and skills to help successfully use CSense to mine new insight from industrial data, and configure and deploy valuable CSense analytic solutions.
This is an instructor-led course delivered using a Cloud  Classroom Environment.
It is conducted over ten separate sessions (via teleconference and web conference).
1. Instructor-led activities, such as Webex and teleconference meetings, presentations and discussions;
2. Student activities, such as practical hands-on labs and working with the software in a cloud-supported environment.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for Asset Reliability & Performance Improvement Engineers; Process Improvement Engineers; Production Engineers; Continuous Improvement Engineers; Six Sigma Specialists; Data Scientist; Analytics Engineers.

Are there any prerequisites?

Suitable candidates will be experienced with Windows operating systems and have basic familiarity with industrial software systems (such as Historians, HMI/SCADA, or MES systems). Some comfort with working with data in Excel, some basic Database knowledge, as well as basic familiarity with common industrial communication protocols like OPC will be an advantage. Knowledge & experience with more advanced analytical techniques, statistics & industrial control systems will be beneficial, but not required.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion the three individual modules, the student will be able to:
Module 1:
• Gain Insight from Data:
• Prepare Data
• Visualize (Re-usable Dashboards, Ad-Hoc Analysis)
• Gain Insight (via Analytics): Why did it happen? / How can I detect, predict, prevent, improve, optimize it in the future? / Quantify opportunity for improvement
• Save, Reuse, Deploy (Batch or Streaming)
Module 2:
• Develop & Deploy Analytic Solutions: Deploy Existing Expert Knowledge & New Insight from Data as high value Analytic solutions
• Clean & Transform Data & Calculate KPI?s
• Detect & Alert on Deviations
• Model & Predict KPI?s
• Optimize KPI?s
Module 3:
• Deploy ready CSense Solutions like Process+ (Control Loop Performance Monitoring) & others