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4700 APM Installations
Part # DL-4700
Cost: $500 USD

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4700 APM Classic Installation


The APM Meridium Classic Installation course will prepare IT personnel to plan, design, configure, and install 4.3.x on-premise APM Meridium Classic. This course provides the basic knowledge, procedures, and reference materials for a successful installation, along with recommended best practices and tips for troubleshooting and validating the installation.


This class is designed for:

  • End Users
  • Analysts
  • Analytics Engineers
  • Reliability Engineers

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • The high-level 3.6.x to 4.3.x Implementation Process.
  • Planning and Design Activities, along with recommended prerequisites for installation.
  • Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements.
  • Proper configuration of Server Roles, Features, and Local DTC Settings.
  • Installation of the APM Server and Add-ons Software.
  • Creation of an initial data source and deployment of the APM SQL Server Report Server (SSRS).
  • Validation of the 4.3.x APM-M Installation.


  • 4 hours

Delivery Format

  • Instructor Led
  • Distance Learning
  • Onsite