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EX2100e Generator Excitation Maintenance
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Cost: $3,500 USD   Length: 5 Days

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for EX2100e Generator Excitation Maintenance.


This site–specific course is designed to enhance maintenance and engineering personnel skills necessary to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot an EX2100e Exciter or Regulator system and related communications networks. 

Training consists of classroom theory, classroom exercises, as well as site visits to teach the participants operation, basic troubleshooting, and maintenance skills. The participants will perform classroom lab exercises using an EX2100e simulator for “hands-on” training.  There will be a minimum one (1), EX2100e simulator as well as site-specific software and documentation.


The objective of this course is for the participant to learn, and then demonstrate to the instructor, the following items using the classroom trainer: 

Using the Site Excitation Elementary Drawings:


Additional course schedules available at the GE Power Services Customer Training site:​