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MDS SD Basics
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Cost: $3,120 USD

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for MDS SD Basics.


• Safety and Maintenance
• Configurator and Offerings
• SDMS and SDx Feature Compare
• Connections to SDMS and SDx
• Communications to SDMS and SDx via Console and Web
• Basic Configuration (Local) via Console and Web
• DLINK Intro and Facts 
• Network Monitoring Overview (PulseNET, Field Network Manager and Element Manager)
• Reprogramming (Local) via the console and web

Basic Network Topologies (How and Why to Choose)
• Serial Pinouts and Types of Serial Polling Capability
• Setup Basic Point to Point Network Training
• Basic Serial Polling (B and A Modems) Training
• IP Payload Training and Polling (Transparent Mode)
• IP Payload Polling in Packet w/MAC mode (VRC brief)
• Ethernet Bridging
• IP Payload, Bridging, or Terminal Server (When and Which to Use)