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4301 Thickness Monitoring
Part # DL-4301
Cost: $500 USD

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for 4301 Thickness Monitoring .

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Course Description: 

Participants in this interactive one-day course will learn how to use Meridium Thickness Monitoring to document and analyze corrosion data.  Participants will learn about Meridium’s Thickness Monitoring Standard Practice and the associated Security Users, Security Groups, and roles.

Participants will identify assets due for Thickness Monitoring.  Attendees will review current Corrosion Analysis results for an asset by accessing Trend Charts, data and calculations, and enter new data from UT Measurements.

Learners will validate new UT Measurement data and review the Corrosion Analysis results.  They will manage TMLs including creating TML groups, moving TMLs, and reviewing a TML.

Key Session Topics