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4302 Risk Based Inspection 580
Part # DL-4302
Cost: $1,500 USD

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Course Description:  

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Course Description: 

You will learn about Meridium’s Mechanical Integrity Standard Practice and how it relates to Risk Based Inspection. You will identify assets due for RBI.You will view existing Process and Design Data, Inspection History, and Thickness Measurement (TM) data.Finally, you will create a new RBI Component.

You will modify an RBI System by attaching a Reference Document and linking existing Potential Degradation Mechanisms and RBI Components to it.

You will view RBI Analysis results and view the associated Consequence and Degradation Mechanism Evaluations.  You will create a new RBI Analysis and complete Consequence and Degradation Mechanism Evaluations.  You will calculate the Analysis, perform simulations, and set its State to Risk Completed.

You will view existing Tasks and Recommendations and then create new RBI Recommendations.  You will work through the Recommendation Management Process and link recommendations to existing Inspection Tasks.  Finally, you will create a new Inspection Task and Full Inspection, and add Thickness Measurements.

Key Session Topics