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Mark VIe DCS Maintenance
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This "Mark VIe DCS MAINTENANCE" module training is intended for Technicians and Engineers of Control Maintenance Team who are in charge the Distributed Control System (DCS) typed MKVIe Control System. 
Use and maintain the Control/Command System, first requires a good understanding of process control and basic principles of operation. For that, Technical Documentation is available for consulting. 
This training module is based mainly of the use of MKVIe Configuration Tools ToolBoxST and Cimplicity) from Human Machine Interface (HMI) connected to MKVIe Virtual and HW Simulators. 
ToolBoxST is used to configure and to maintain the MKVIe Control/Command Panels and the downloaded Software Application that control the process. The hardware and software are organized / designed in relation to the process. 
The « CONTROL SREENS» of HMI operator workstations have been designed with CIMPLICITY in adequacy with the process to control and also in relation with the control/command software application. 
The objectives of this training are to familiarize trainees with the hardware and software components and to provide detailed knowledge to troubleshoot and maintain he MKVIe control system and associated equipment. 
Note: This course is instructed with a generic Turbine HMI and control simulation appropriate for training MKVIe control systems. Several labs contain exercises where rainees are given the opportunity to examine other software in relation to the learning objective.  
The participants will already be familiarized with the environment « Windows PC ». During this training and if necessary, additional information may be addressed to this environment « PC Windows XP and / or Windows 7»