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7509 Mechanical Integrity Work Process Fundamentals
Part # DL-7509
Cost: $750 USD   Length: 2 Days

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for 7509 Mechanical Integrity Work Process Fundamentals .

Course Description

Mechanical Integrity is focused on mitigating the risk of loss of containment through condition assessment. Every manufacturer concerned with keeping corrosive, hazardous materials contained should have a good way of measuring and monitoring changing asset conditions.
You will learn about the benefits of pairing a mature asset performance management system with an industry proven best practice. Following American Petroleum Institute guidelines, you will learn processes for identifying damage mechanisms, establishing integrity operating windows for critical assets, and the grouping of assets into systems. You will gain an understanding of how to facilitate implementation of the most effective inspection plan into the overall strategy.
You will explore the efficiencies gained by using a fully integrated RBI (Risk Based Inspection) work process.