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8241 Architecting Predix Solutions
Part # DL-8241
Cost: $1,600 USD

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Wait List – You will be notified when a new class is scheduled 1-Jan-20291-Jan-2029Monday11:00 PM$0.00 USD
Distance Learning (web-based / English): Local start time in San Ramon: 9 a.m.30-Apr-20191-May-2019Tuesday9:00 AM$1,600.00 USD

Course Description

Course Description:  


This course provides students with the knowledge base and concepts to design scalable and elastic applications on the Predix platform and make informed decisions around building complex solutions that incorporate data services, compliance, and security based on customer business requirements.

This course emphasizes Predix best practices and recommended design patterns to help students think through the process of architecting optimal solutions with the Predix Platform. Case studies presented during the course showcase Predix solutions that customers have designed to maximize infrastructures and productivity using the Predix platform, strategies, and services.